Charities Requesting Funding

Please contact us to request a Grant Application. You must be an IRS recognized, 501(c)3 charitable organization to apply.

Who We Help

Missions of Hope works like any non-profit thrift store, except we have no buildings or employees. We are a 100% volunteer organization and close to 100% of all earnings are distributed to various children's charities and causes in our local communities. The clothing collected goes into the hands of people in the greatest need.

We Help:

1. Our Local Charities

Here are just a few of the wonderful charities we have been able to "give it all away" to, thanks to your help:

  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Wake Teen Medical Services
  • Basic Needs Ministry
  • The Carying Place
  • Safe Space
  • Children's Flight of Hope
  • Rockfish Camp and Retreat

2. Our Environment

Not only are you helping children in need, you are helping our planet.

Even with all of the clothing recycling today, a full 80-85% of all wearable clothing ends up in our landfills. The EPA has shown that the recycling of textiles (clothing and shoes) is not keeping up with other recycling programs. In fact, the dumping of textiles into landfills is a growing problem. By donating your gently used clothing and shoes, you are helping to solve this growing environmental challenge.

3. Those in the greatest need

The clothing collected is sorted by professional recyclers and distributors who package and ship the clothing to the neediest communities both locally and internationally.

4. You!

You need and want convenient, easy and obvious locations to drop off your donations. Many of our donors tell us they have actually driven around with bags of clothing in their cars for weeks before coming upon a Missions drop location, and they were thrilled to find it!